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New Blog, New Perspectives

Monday, January 18th, 2010

Organizational Development Outcomes

I’m excited about communicating with you via BWR’s blog, PRISM.  I got the idea to call the blog PRISM while traveling through Europe recently.  There, I was reminded of the beauty of diversity and how a single idea can be viewed from several different perspectives.  Like looking at a light through a prism and seeing it reflected differently, we’ll use this blog to present ideas and view them from varying points of view.  After all, there is no one way to solve a problem, make a decision, build a culture or lead a team.  That’s what inspires me about organizational development and drives BWR Consulting to collaborate with clients to help them achieve great results.

Going forward, you can count on this blog as a source for issues that are important to me, but most important, are important to clients:  employee engagement, leading through change, building respectful cultures, cultural intelligence, effective teams, and much more.  From time to time, I’ll interview clients, colleagues and industry experts to gather varying perspectives about current organizational challenges and to share ideas for improving people, processes and systems.

For starters, I’ll refer you to the BWR Consulting website for a list of some of my favorite resources.  Click here to see my favorite books, websites and professional associations for organizational and leadership development.

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