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You Have The Right To Be Here

Last week, I was in NYC at the World Business Forum.  Barbara Corcoran was one of the speakers, and she was awesome.  She has a great, American, rags-to-riches story that is inspiring for anyone with the entrepreneurial spirit.  After I heard her speak, I immediately downloaded her book, Shark Tales, to my iPad.  Among her many nuggets of wisdom, the one that stuck with me was when she was in the elevator on the way up to talk to the one and only Donald Trump.  She found herself nervous . . . . although this was before he sued her and she counter-sued, and won.  (Now, she thinks he’s a jerk.)  But, when she first met him, she was shaking in her boots.  And, before she got off the elevator to walk into his office she remembered something her mom had often told her and her siblings:  “You have the right to be here.”  So, she closed her eyes and repeated to herself three times: “I have the right to be here.”  Natch, she waltzed into The Donald’s office and made her pitch.  At that time, the outcome wasn’t as important as the fact that she fully believed that she had a right to be in Donald Trump’s office.  And, indeed, she did.

How many times have you been in a meeting, with a client, or in any circumstance where you’ve questioned your abilities and/or competencies?  I know there have been plenty for me.  I’ve suffered from the well-documented psychological phenomenon called “imposter syndrome” where I’ve been unable to internalize and accept my own accomplishments.  Well, for heaven’s sake . . . I’m glad I’ve gotten over that.  I am accomplished . . . I’m not an imposter, and neither are you!  You have the right to be here, whether it’s to teach something or to learn something, whether its to talk or to listen, whether to give or take.  I know that you prepare for a meeting, presentation, project or other circumstance with all the necessary attention to detail and commitment to excellence.  But, does your preparation include the reminder that you have the right to be there?  Up until last week, mine didn’t.  Going forward, I am committed to making sure my prep time includes a healthy dose of ”I have a right to be here.”  It’s sure to significantly reduce (if not eliminate) any anxiety I might have.

I have the right to be here.  I have the right to be here.  I have the right to be here.

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